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The Excel Dice Project

The Excel Dice Challenge Project is made up of 3 small projects.

Challenge #1: Students will create an Excel worksheet that will roll a dice and get a random number 1-6.


Challenge #2: Students will create a macro button that will roll the dice.


Challenge #3: Students will add a second dice to a worksheet, which the macro button will also roll.  A message will appear IF the dice match.

Below are the project videos and solutions for the Excel Dice Project. 


Tutorial Playlist 


The Excel Dice Project

Project Overview

Project Directions (PDF File) - Download

Project Solution - Download  (This file is a zip file and inside the zip file is an xlsm file.  It is an xlsm file because there is a macro in the Challenge #2 worksheet.)

IF Formula Tutorial

OR Formula Tutorial



Macro Button


Challenge #1 Help


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