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The Student Development Edition curriculum is made up of 13 projects and is geared toward high school juniors and seniors.  The projects help students develop essential skills necessary to succeed in high school and college.  The projects also help students practice critical thinking, problem-solving, research, and out-of-the-box thinking.  


To assist students with the curriculum projects, students will have access to:

  • videos explaining each project.
  • solutions and examples for each project.


Curriculum Projects

Project 1 – Calendar (Excel)

Students develop a tool to help with time management.

Project 2 – Class Grades (Excel)

Students create a tool to track their grades.

Project 3 – Goals (Word)

Students create academic and personal goals, along with a plan to achieve their goals.

Project 4 – Email

Students practice high school and college-level email etiquette. The project also gives students tips on how to write an email to get a quick response from a teacher.

Project 5 – Personal Brand (PowerPoint)

Students create a personal brand for themselves that will be used in Project 8.

Project 6 – Resume & Cover Letter (Word)

Students create a resume that can be used when applying to jobs and colleges.

Project 7 – Post-High School Plan (PowerPoint)

Students create a possible post-high school plan.

Project 8 – Webpage (Extensionof Project 5)

Students create a personal webpage with their personal brand created in Project 5. The webpage is advantageous when applying to colleges and for jobs.

Project 9 – Budget (Excel)

Students create a yearly household budget.

Project 10 – GPA (Excel)

Students create a spreadsheet that can calculate their high school GPA.

Project 11 – Research Paper (Word)

Students find an MLA template and personalize it to be used in high school and college. Students write a short research paper using the template.

Project 12 – What IF (Excel) – Extension of Project 2

Students create an Excel tool that will calculate various final grade outcomes depending on possible grades earned on Project 12 and 13.

Project 13 – Goals (Word) Extension of Project 3

Students reflect on their goals from Project 3.


The Student Development Edition

  • Digital File: Zip File

    File size : 26.8 MB

    Print length: 43 pages

    Required Software: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel

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