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First Day of Class: August 23, 2021

Last Day of Class: December 10, 2021

Holidays: November 22-26


The TV & Movie Edition curriculum is made up of 13 projects and is geared toward high school students.  Students enjoy this curriculum because the projects are based on TV shows and movies such as Harry Potter, Stranger Things, The Office, and Jurassic Park.  


Projects included in the class:

Project 1 – Calendar (Excel)

Students develop a tool to help with time management.

Project 2 – Class Grades (Excel)

Students create a tool to track their grades.

Project 3 – Show (PowerPoint)

Students create a presentation answering "What TV Show would you like to live in for a month."

Project 4 – Stranger Things (Word & Excel)

Students format a Word document and an Excel spreadsheet based on Stranger Things Data.

Project 5 – Stranger Things (Access)

Students update and add objects to an Access Database.

Project 6 – The Office (Excel)

Students make updates to an Excel spreadsheet, add formulas, conditional formatting, and dropdown values.

Project 7 – Harry Potter  (Access)

Students update and add objects to an Access Database.

Project 8 – Music Database (Access)

Students create a small database.

Project 9 – Caesar Cipher (Excel)

Students create a Caesar Cipher in Excel that encrypts and decrypts messages.

Project 10 – HBO Hack (Word, PowerPoint, Webpage)

Students plan a social engineering heist to "borrow" movies from HBO.  Students create a resume, develop a heist plan in PowerPoint, and make a webpage.

Project 11 – Jurassic Park (Access, Excel, Word)

Students create a database by importing an Excel spreadsheet into Access.  Then they export the Access data into a Word Mail Merge.

Project 12 – What IF (Excel) – Extension of Project 2

Students create an Excel tool that will calculate various final grade outcomes depending on possible grades earned on Project 12 and 13.

Project 13 – Detective (PowerPoint)

Students create a presentation answering "If you were kidnapped and you could choose one detective from a TV show or movie to rescue you, who would you choose?"

The TV & Movie Class

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