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Vegetarian Homeschooler provides project-based learning solutions for students through curriculum and face-to-face classes.  The curriculum and classes focus on creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and research.


I began my career as a software developer.  I coded, installed software, and trained clients.  In 2001, I transitioned from the IT industry into education and became a teacher at a local college.  I applied my technical training experience and started developing a project-based-learning curriculum for my students. 


In 2007, my daughter was ready for kindergarten and, at the same time, beginning pre-algebra.  To allow her to work at her pace, I started homeschooling her and my son.  I homeschooled my children using techniques and lessons I learned in the college classroom and at client sites.  Rather than homeschooling by subjects, I focused on teaching critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, research, and communication skills by using project-based learning and music.


Discussion with Math-U-See.  We discussed homeschooling the profoundly gifted.

Discussion with EduTV.  We discussed different teaching philosophies.

The Name 
Vegetarian Homeschooler?

The brand name Vegetarian Homeschooler began in 2010.  In a discussion, my husband, Jamie, referred to me as a "vegetarian, homeschooler, that does yoga and drives a Prius"  After a few minutes of laughter, Vegetarian Homeschooler stuck and became the brand name of my project-based-learning curriculum.  The curriculum is a product of hours in the classroom and hours working with my children at the kitchen table.  I fully believe in the Vegetarian Homeschooler Curriculum because it goes beyond teaching MS Office and teaches children how to teach themselves.  It encourages children to find information and to make the information meaningful in a unique way.  

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